Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Primal Force (1999)

Made such an impact on me I had forgotten what it was called, this is a made for the SyFy channel spectacular starring Hellboy himself Ron Pearlman. This and the fact that it is about an Island of killer Baboons was the draw to make me watch it. It really is the typical SyFy guff with overacting dodgy effects and a really poor story that sees a plane crash on an island with an heiress on and the only person that has been to the Island is Ron Pearlman but he does not want to go. It is essentially a similar story to Jurassic Park 3 with less budget and Baboons instead of Dinosaurs. 

I insist on watching these films as one day I will find a gem amongst the rubbish however this is not the film I am looking for. You really do not care about any of the characters and the effects are so poor it really is surprising based upon what they can do these days that anyone thinks these would be acceptable. The only interesting thing is the fact there is a very similar link to Jurassic Park 3 I wonder if there is any connection but to be honest there is not enough to make me actually look anything up. 

Another pile of guff and 90 minutes of my life I will not get back, a 1 star avoid from me. 

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