Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sorority Row (2009)

A prank goes wrong and instead of owning up and dealing properly with the situation the girls of the Theta Pi Sorority House decide to keep it a secret. 8 months later, someone knows and is coming after the girls, as they prepare for and try to enjoy the graduation party, and then the slashing fun begins.

This is an interesting film as it uses technology in a way you know it will matter later and is quite good, it uses Mobile phone technology in away that I think the target audience will appreciate. It does quite well setting up almost everybody as a suspect and there are plenty of red herrings floating about to keep you guessing who the killer is.

It is a good enough slasher for the modern times and there is enough hints that they could make a sequel if they wanted but then that could just be the B-Movie ending we all enjoy with this type of film. Overall this is a fun romp where you get to enjoy the deaths and the house mother played by Carrie Fisher is fun character. This is a three star film, if you enjoy these types of films you will appreciate what this one does and how it does it.

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