Friday, 6 July 2012

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

A remake of the Wes Craven film directed by Alexandre Aja, about a family of campers, they decided to take a shortcut across Department of Defense land. That land had previously used for Nuclear testing and they run into the family that still live there. One of many films in the last few years to get a remake, very little reason other than money for the film to be made.

You follow the family Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan, Vinessa Shaw, Dan Byrd and of Lost fame Emilie de Ravin. It all starts when their caravan breaks down and not fearing anything they settle down and then things start to happen including one of their dogs going missing and then it is a battle for survival as the family are picked off one by one. This film falls in to the category of another mindless horror film to me, I have struggled to remember that much that happens in the film and to this means little to no redeeming features.

Overall I remember enjoying some of the kills and some tension but overall there is not that much in the film that is appealing and it certainly is not a film I will rush to revisit. So in scoring this film it will have to be a generous 3 out of 10 and that is only for a couple of the kills.

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