Saturday, 14 July 2012

Alien Nation - Millennium (1996)

Based on the 1988 film Alien Nation, this is the third spin off film from the 1989 TV series that followed the original film. Starring the cast of the TV series this is a made for TV film that came after the TV Series failed to get past the first season.

The end of the Millennium is approaching and everybody is trying to find enlightenment and living in a world with 250,000 aliens there are several options available to short cut this. It follows Detectives Matt Sykes and George Francisco as they investigate newcomers and humans alike who are dying and they track it to a cult that is using a Newcomer Portal to show people the Tenktonese home world.

Another good follow up to the TV series that is essentially just a double episode but as it is well written and well acted it is very enjoyable especially if you have enjoyed any of the previous films in the series. This is another 3 star film, again as long as you have some previous viewing or experience with the series it is very enjoyable. 

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