Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Men in Black (1997)

The Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones science fiction comedy film, it follows Will Smith as he chases a criminal down and this leads to Tommy Lee Jones hiring him to work for a shadowy organisation that tracks and watches all of the aliens currently on Earth. They have cool suits, shades and awesome cars and they have to track a giant bug.

This is a family fun filled romp and follows the experienced and all knowing K played by Tommy Lee Jones as he initiates J, the Will Smith character as they attempt to save the world. J falls for the morgue technician played by Linda Fiorentino as they attempt to save the galaxy. You have some great fun and some excellent effects as you discover the world at the same time as J and they use some wonderful real life examples to have a laugh.

This is a good family film and it has recently had its second sequel and I think that if that film is half as good as the original it will be very good. Overall this film is a strong 3 star recommend a good science fiction comedy and well worth seeing.

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