Saturday, 21 July 2012

Big (1988)

A childhood classic directed by Penny Marshall and starring Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin the young boy who wakes up Big. You start by following Jared Rushton who plays Billy and David Moscow who plays the young Josh who falls out with his mother played by Mercedes Ruehl and when at the fair ground he makes a wish and the following morning he wakes up and everything is different. Heading into the city he lives a life of an adult with child sensibilities getting a job, apartment and a love interest.

This is another film that falls squarely into the category of family classic it covers many bases including the importance of family and also the importance of taking time to grow up properly enjoy being a child and while it can suck, still it is necessary. It also looks at the fact that as adults it is important for us to still appreciate being children and remembering to have fun.

This film is one of the films that really brought Tom Hanks to my attention as a youngster and since that time he has pretty much always been there and has always been very good. This film is a superb 4 stars and if you have not taken the time to see it I highly recommend that you make the time, because we are only young once.  

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