Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mr Deeds (2002)

Adam Sandler playing Longfellow Deeds in a comedy about a nice guy inheriting the controlling interest in a Media conglomerate and starts doing business his way. This is a remake of the 1936 film Mr Deeds goes to Town. You have the crook played by Peter Gallagher tries to convince him to sign it all over to him. With support from Winona Ryder and John Toturro. Adam Sandler films are hit or miss for me, some of the early stuff like Billy Maddison and Happy Gilmore have some funny parts in them but overall I am not that big a fan of his.

Here the problems with the film lie in the fact that Longfellow Deeds is to good, he does everything right and everybody loves him. It just felt so false for me and was not that taken with him on any level. A couple of the jokes are funny including his black foot but is a bit overplayed and got old quite quickly.

I am sure if you are a fan of Adam Sandler then you will have enjoyed this film and enjoyed the jokes and it will have been right for you. However for me it missed the mark and I can only give it 4 out of 10 and say that if not already an Adam Sandler fan then avoid this.

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