Friday, 20 July 2012

Coming to America (1988)

Direceted by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall this is  a comedy. It follows Prince Akeem played by Eddie and his Man Servant Semmi played by Aresenio Hall as they come from Africa to America to find a Queen. The lead actors play several roles in the film and they play it for laughs and it really works for me.

This is a fish out of water comedy with Eddie and Arsenio not fully understanding America or how things work. There is the love story as the Prince finds his Queen and you have the usual it is not what he is but what he says that causes a problem. Some of the jokes have seeped in to pop culture references like Sexual Chocolate a song sung half way through the film. And the constant references to McDowells compared to McDonalds are funny especially right at the end.

With support from James Earl Jones as Akeem's father, Madge Sinclair as his mother, Shari Headley as the love interest, Allison Dean as her sister and John Amos a their father. I think that this film is hilarious and still works today, there is also a nice little reference back to Trading Places, overall this is a fun filled 4 star recommend from me and I think everybody should see it.

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